What is a dry pail?

If you’re just starting your cloth nappy journey, you might be wondering - where do I put my used or dirty cloth nappies? The best place to store them is in a ‘dry pail’. But what is a dry pail and which one should you get?

A ‘dry pail’ is a bucket or laundry basket that’s used for storing your wet or dirty cloth nappies before placing them into the washing machine to be cleaned. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right dry pail.

(1) Choose a dry pail that has lots of holes
It’s best to choose a dry pail that has lots of holes as it helps maintain airflow and ventilation. This is particularly important for reducing the chances of ammonia build up, which can cause your nappies to smell.

(2) Store your dry pail in a well ventilated area
Keeping your dry pail in the laundry or next to a window that’s slightly ajar will also help with avoiding any unpleasant smells.

(3) Consider having multiple dry pails
It's helpful to have more than one dry pail and often need one beside the change table for used nappies, and one in the laundry to store your pre-washed nappies whilst they are awaiting the main wash cycle. 

Pro tip #1: Don’t store your nappies in a bucket of water

Pro tip #2: If you start to get smells or stains, consider revisiting your wash routine. Here’s how you can set up an effective wash routine.


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