How does it work?

The nappy cover

A thin cover featuring 2 layers – one water-resistant layer and a moisture wicking layer.

The Outer Layer is water-resistant PUL made from plastic water bottles which have been repurposed into fabric. Its main feature is to retain the moisture within the absorbent layers of the nappy, keeping clothes dry and stain free. The outer layer also features Evia Collective's range of prints designed by local Australian artists.

The Inner Layer is a micro suede fabric made from polyester. It sits against baby's skin and designed to quickly wick away any moisture and help keep baby nice and dry. The internal double gusset provides extra protection, as the ridge design creates an additional barrier. It’s soft to touch, dries fast, and is white in colour.

The Pocket is the area between the outer PUL area and inner layer. There is an elasticated pocket along the back of the nappy so you can easily slip in the absorbent insert.

The Snaps are positioned across the front of the nappy and can be adjusted to achieve the ideal nappy fit on your baby. Consisting of 3 rise snaps and 10 waist snaps.

Elastics are found along the back of the nappy and around the legs. Providing stretch and giving a comfortable fit around these areas so your baby can move freely.

how does it work

the insert

The insert is the absorbent component of the nappy and plays an important role in preventing leaks. Inserts crafted from natural fibres are far more superior at wicking and retaining moisture than inserts made from synthetic fabrics such as microfiber.

Evia Collective inserts are made from 3 layers of 100% certified organic bamboo cotton. The trifold design means that when the insert is folded into thirds, it's provides 9 layers of moisture wicking fabric.

If your baby is a heavy wetter or you’re looking to boost levels of absorbency for naps or overnight you can add a booster insert to your nappy.

Boosters are extra layers of fabric which are added to your nappy to provide added absorbency. Our nappy boosters are also made from 3 layers of 100% certified organic bamboo cotton.