Our Story

Learn more about Evia Collective and the passion that drives brand created by Stacey and Alex.

our story

Hey there, thanks for stopping by and learning more about us.

We’re Stacey and Alex, two full time working mums who wanted to find a way to make modern cloth nappies more accessible to families. 

When we first started our business in 2018 our motto was simple - make cloth nappies more accessible and reduce our environmental impact. We don’t know about you but the guilt we would feel from wheeling out a rubbish bin filled to the brim with disposable nappies was just too much. As we continued on our journey we realised that small earth friendly choices could be made everywhere and this opened our eyes to even bigger possibilities.

 We are a far cry from being zero waste, but we are on our way to finding all sorts of earth friendly alternatives to regular single use items. We want to feel good knowing that the choices we make each day are better for the planet because at the end of the day we need to leave a more sustainable planet for our children.

We believe that if we work together small changes can have a big impact and that’s what we hope to achieve at Evia Collective. It will never be a perfect science and we know there will always be more to do but we hope you’ll join us on this adventure and perhaps you’ll find that simple earth friendly swaps can we made everywhere.

Love, Stacey and Alex

doing our bit

ethical manufacturing

We understand the importance of creating a business that supports the people behind the brand. Our products are manufactured overseas and we have ethnical manufacturing agreements in place with each of them to ensure fair wages and working conditions are met. It's our partnership with our overseas suppliers that allow us to design and create this amazing range of earth friendly products and without them Evia Collective would only be a dream.

doing our bit


We don't want our business to be part of the environmental problem which is why we choose to partner with businesses that align with our ethos.

Here are some of the ways we try to minimise our impact to the environment:

Packaging: We choose to ship all our parcels plastic free or in compostable mailers.
Shipping: We send the majority of our parcels with Sendle, a 100% carbon neutral delivery service.
Warehousing: Our warehouse is equipped with solar panels to help power our facilities and furnished with pre-loved shelving.

This is only just the beginning of our journey and we know more can be done to ensure we're bringing you a range of products which meet ethical manufacturing standards and operate in a way which doesn't hurt the environment. We have some initiatives on our roadmap and will share these with you when we can.