How many cloth nappies do I need?

Thinking about using reusable nappies but not sure where to start?

It can be a little overwhelming when you begin looking for information about cloth nappies. Here we’ll answer the most common question we get from parents about starting their cloth nappy journey.

'How many cloth nappies do I need?'

As a guide, we recommend 24 nappies if you’re considering using cloth nappies full-time. This should allow for 6 nappies each day, leaving you with enough time to wash and dry them between uses. If you’re thinking about using cloth nappies part-time, just halve the full-time amount which leaves you with 12 nappies.

There are a few factors which will influence the number of nappies you have in your stash and you should consider the following:

(1) How often do you plan to wash your nappies?
Generally speaking, cloth nappies need to go through a daily prewash cycle and a main wash cycle every 2-3 days. If you intend on prolonging your wash cycle, you will need to add more nappies to your stash. To minimise ammonia build up, stains and smells we recommend doing a daily pre-wash and main wash. Read our top tips for setting up an effective wash routine for your nappies.

(2) Do you live somewhere with warmer or cooler climates?
Living in places with cooler climates means it may take longer for your nappies to dry, if line-drying, therefore you may need to increasing the number of nappies in your stash to accommodate for longer drying times. Sunshine is the most environmentally friendly way of drying your nappies but of course you can pop most nappies into the tumble dryer. Just note that tumble drying can increase the chances of your nappy shells delaminating over time.

(3) Is your baby a heavy, moderate or light wetter?
Each baby will output different volumes therefore if you have a heavy-wetting baby, they may require more frequent nappy changes or require additional absorption. This will mean you’ll need more nappies to your overall collection.

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