What about the poo?

If you’re wondering about what to do with poo when using cloth nappies, don’t worry you’re not alone! Poo can often be a daunting subject at the beginning but over time it will become second nature. Here are some tips on what to deal with poo at each stage:

(1) Babies having breast milk exclusively.

If baby is exclusively having  breastmilk then the nappies can simply go in the wash. If you’re using an Evia Collective pocket style modern cloth nappy you’ll need to remove the absorbent insert from the nappy shell before placing both the insert and shell into the wash.

(2) Formula or mixed fed babies

If you are formula or mix feeding your baby then we recommend removing the insert from the nappy pocket and rinsing both components in the laundry sink with hot water to remove as much of the soiling before separating the insert from the nappy shell and placing into the wash.

(3) Babies who have started solids

Babies who are on solids will likely have poos that are more formed. If this is the case, then discard the poo into the toilet and flush. The poo should come off the nappy relatively easily but if not then you can use a brush or spatula to remove as much soiling as possible. Next, separate the insert from the shell and rinse both components with hot water in the laundry sink to remove any additional soiling and separate the insert and nappy shell ready for washing.

Pro Tip #1: When discarding poo into the toilet you can use a silicone spatula to help remove solids. Some parents refer to it as a ‘poo spatula’! Just be sure to keep it in your bathroom and separate from any kitchen spatulas. 

Pro Tip #2: When rinsing off any excess poo in your laundry sink you can use a silicone brush to scrub away any last bits. The silicone brush from Kmart is one of the most useful yet cost effective tools.


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