Small Wet Bag - Mustard

The perfect on-the-go reusable wet bag that makes heading out on little adventures a total breeze. Ideal for storing 2-3 nappies and wipes, or even a spare change of clothes, this wet bag is great for popping straight into your nappy bag or pram.

Here are some reasons why you’ll love Evia Collective’s small wet bag;
  • The small wet bag is double lined! This means it's more resistant to leaks, and you can store used nappies or other wet items inside with confidence.
  • Crafted from recycled post consumer plastic water bottles, so you can feel good about choose a more sustainable option
  • Super sturdy, eye catching gold zip because who doesn’t love a functional but beautiful feature
  • Features a handy strap so you can easily attach it to your pram or use as a wrist strap to transport the bag with ease.
  • Exclusive prints which were lovingly created by local Australian Artists. You won’t find these anywhere else.
  • Machine washable

We just know it will be your new best friend!

Want to learn more about our Evia Collective range of modern cloth nappies? Here you'll get the finer details about our reusable nappies such as material composition and key nappy features. Tell me more.


Everything you need to know about washing and caring for your Evia Collective nappies can be found here. Learn more about preparing your nappies, the two-step wash routine and how to make your nappies last throughout your cloth nappy journey. Get started.

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