Trifold - 100% Certified Organic Bamboo Cotton


Evia Collective's trifold insert is designed to provide maximum absorbency. The trifold design is made from 3 layers of 100% organic bamboo cotton and when folded into thirds, provides 9 layers of moisture wicking fabric.

By creating our inserts using only 100% organic bamboo cotton, it will hold and retain more moisture than synthetic inserts giving you more protection against leaks. You can also take comfort in knowing there are no nasty chemicals near your little one’s bum, just natural fibres.

The trifold design is also quick to dry so you can easily manage your nappy wash routine. 

Want to learn more about our Evia Collective range of modern cloth nappies? Here you'll get the finer details about our reusable nappies such as material composition and key nappy features. Tell me more.


Everything you need to know about washing and caring for your Evia Collective nappies can be found here. Learn more about preparing your nappies, the two-step wash routine and how to make your nappies last throughout your cloth nappy journey. Get started.

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